Heyya, nice to meet you! Please just call me Mara ^^ I'm from Indonesia, currently 17 yo, loves Japanese culture; has a lot of fandom, a fujoshi and an avid Drama CD listener. I draw, write stories and record stuff too. I fancy men in suit, glasses, has good faceline, built-but-not-too-bulky body, nobles, vampires, butlers, black hair, red eyes and the seiyuu fandom. Let's be friends! Feel free to stalk/talk/ask me.

- Sebastian Michaelis
- Ono Daisuke
- Conrad Weller
- Those Daisuke seiyuus
- REJET's Drama CD
- Sometimes prefer do-S characters more
- Collecting mangas

so i wasn’t online for like weeks and now i am suffering from something like forgot how it feels like to spazz and rant over stuff how do i become normal again


And my monthly dose of Soubou Sangokushi has arrived~ :D Compared to the previous two I’m not as familiar with Shuu Yu’s character but I enjoyed the samples so I’m looking forward to listening to the CDs ^^


Free! Nature Spirit AU ~ Whenever Water nymph Haru-chan feels sad, Tree spirit Mako-chan will always be here to bring him light and warmth with all their friends ! 

Happy Haru-chan part 1 - part 2
More Free! Nature spirit au from here



A lesson on premature celebrations.


This is what an angel looks like when it's sleepy (◡‿◡✿)
"OZMAFIA!!" Game to Receive Official English Release



Poni-Pachet, the creators of the Japanese otome game ”OZMAFIA!!”, have made an announcement to their English speaking fans:

"Dear our English-speaking friends and overseas otome game users,

Thank you for your many inquiries and requests.
We have finally decided to sell a localized…

Kuroshitsuji x tyaketyoke Collaboration

Illustration by Yana Toboso

+500 follower Drama CD review giveaway!


Okay… So as I decided yesterday… I’d like to thank you guys for following me with a Drama CD review giveaway!

Prices of the giveaway:

  • A detailled CD review.
    This review will be detailed as the Wasurenagusa reviews I did.
  • A summary-like CD review.
    This review will…
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